Big Walls / Murals /Street Walls

seasons of love
ny notorious brooklyn 2019
ny brooklyn aaliyah 2019
big wall bon pastor 2018
fortuna jam
quiet mind
new jersey newark 2019
geminis 2019
The Queen barcelona 2019
gold spider 2
vertical paralel bcn
cris kull 2 filtro
fullcolors 2019
camil bon pastor 2019
back to the walls 2
nina simone 2019
do the right thing 1
conse val 2
back to the wall conse 1
high street bcn
meeing bcn
andi cuadre 2
querubin acabat2
b real 2
IMG_20181105_205532 (1)
valvulas y ritmos
fixie barcelona
jungle colors 4


Conse is a multidisciplinary, self-taught plastic artist based in Barcelona.

During 2008 and 2009 he  established as CONSE, the firm with which he develops his entire professional career in the art of graffiti.

Since then Conse has been traveling throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, and North America participating in various events and exhibitions related to urban art, with a future projection in the realization of big walls while making his own works for collections and private exhibitions.

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